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The occupational costs of property are often amongst the highest fixed cost faced by any business today. Occupational costs whilst principally made up of rent, which is usually the highest cost, can also include Rates, insurance and the obligations imposed by the requirement to repair and maintain the building.

For a landlord, ensuring that rents are reviewed regularly in accordance with the lease is a way of increasing value whilst, for a tenant, proper negotiation and representation at rent review will help minimise liability.

Leases can be complicated legal documents and both the wording within the lease as well as changes in legislation can have a bearing on the outcome of negotiations. Accordingly seeking the advice of bramleys based on their wealth and depth of knowledge should ensure a positive outcome whether renewing a lease or reviewing a rent.

Bramleys can offer the following services to landlords and tenants:-

  • Rental assessments:- As a precursor to any negotiations bramleys can undertake an inspection of the property and provide rental advice to assist either in the serving of Section 25 Notices or assist in the formulation of a strategy for lease renewal or rent review.

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  • Rent review/lease renewal:- Bramleys have extensive knowledge of the local market and transactions and are skilled and adept in acting on behalf of both landlords and tenants in negotiations.

    Bramleys can assist throughout the process from the preparation and serving of notices through negotiation to completing of Memoranda of Review.
  • Expert witness:- Bramleys commercial and industrial team have combined experience in excess of 100 years in the commercial and industrial market and are well placed to provide expert witness advice for dispute resolution, court proceedings and in accordance with the Civil Procedure Rules.
  • Arbitration/dispute resolution:- Unfortunately it is not always possible to agree rent review or lease renewal by negotiation and on occasion disputes arise. For this purpose there are well established dispute resolution processes and arbitration systems which may be daunting for a landlord or tenant.
    Bramleys have experience of all types of dispute resolution, be it third party determinations, arbitration or court interventions and can assist in a competent and professional manner to see the procedure through to a satisfactory resolution.
  • Lease structure:- In addition to rent the other terms within the lease impose obligations on landlord and tenant alike. Accordingly when entering into a letting arrangement it is important that leases are appropriately drafted to reflect the intentions of the parties. Landlords and tenants should also be aware of their obligations and Bramleys can assist in providing support to negotiate the terms of the lease to ensure that both parties needs are met.

    The obligation to repair may impose substantial costs on a tenant and these could be offset by the preparation of a Schedule of Condition at the outset of the lease. Bramleys can assist in the provision of the same.

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